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Bella Magazine is an independant magazine like no other,
built by photographers and models for photographers, models and their fans.

1st → Photographers and models, get your work published

Our 1st objective is to build and publish nice individual editorials, nice books of talented photographers and models.
Fans can browse editorials and books associated with photographer and model profiles.
individual editorials

2nd → Improve visibility and traffic

Our 2nd objective is to improve the visibility and traffic of the websites of our photographers and models
by benefiting from free 'dofollow' backlinks to their websites.
Most other sites offer 'no-follow' backlinks that are useless in terms of SEO (Search Optimization Engine).
Doing this improve their performance in search engines such as
google, bing, yahoo, baidu, yandex, qwant, ecosia, duckduckgo, etc..
For photographers and models who already have Patreon, or Onlyfans,
we can bring you additional revenues with more traffic.

3th → Sell and share revenues

Our 3th objective is to sell and share revenues with photographers and models.
The revenues, if any, are shared equally between photographers, models and Bella magazine.
sell by
Thank you to the fans for supporting our photographers and models by purchasing their editorials and books.

We intend to build a complete website with a large number of
books, editorials, issues with photographers and models who contribute to our site.

about bella magazine under construction
Due to Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine, we plan to finish our site and our structure for
Q3 2020

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