Playboy Bunny

Jean-Michel Nguyen
Marie O - Playboy Bunny cover - Bella Nude and Fashion Magazine

Marie O
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model Marie O
Marie O
photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen
Jean-Michel Nguyen

We retrieve Beautiful Marie in a more beauty-oriented atmosphere.
Again with rabbit ears but with different light settings.
With a High-Key type light, but hard light with a zoom bowl, for drop shadows of the most beautiful effect.
For this lingerie serie, she used a most sensual harness-type bra, that enhance her natural beauty and perfect body.

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Jean-Michel Nguyen's activities on Instagram:
"Cherche des mannequins féminins pour poser pour mon livret Mannequins pour Octobre Rose . Tous les bénéfices des ventes iront à l association Ruban Rose 🌸 Sud de Paris, A6, RER-C"
"#coiffure #hairstylist #mcb #hairstyle #haircut #haircolor #coiffeuse"
"#coiffure #hairstylist #mcb #hairstyle #haircut #haircolor #coiffeuse @beata_bourillon"
"#coiffure #hairstylist #mcb #hairstyle #haircut #haircolor #coiffeuse @beata_bourillon"

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