BELLA Magazine is the personal magazine of photographer Jean-Michel Nguyen and his photographer friends who shoot the same models as him, mostly in the Paris region.

There are few models on BELLA, at least less than on the other magazine TOMMY Magazine with international photographers and models,
and that is also managed by the french association EDITOMAG,
but there will be more media for each model and therefore with a greater variety of themes for each model.

As for TOMMY Magazine, photographers and models can express all their creativity, without censorship, unlike Faceook and Instagram.

Bella magazine publishes and sells female artistic nude photos as individual editorials, issues and books.

Bella magazine shares revenue with photographers and models in case of sale,
Feel free to support us by buying our media, thank you.

Bella is a magazine managed by the
french association (Law 1901)
ID W913013095

bella Timeless Nude Art Magazine